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Follow Wisconsinites Mark "The IceMan" Madson and Dieter "The SnowMan" Sturm on an epic trip, leaving from the Tundra of Wisconsin's Green Bay Lambeau Field as they drive south bound to support the Green Bay Packers to victory in Dallas at Super Bowl XLV.

Two Packers fans are driving to the Super Bowl in style. Mark Madson and Dieter Sturm are driving 1,300 miles from Green Bay to Dallas in Madson's decked out 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.

Madson bought the car around six years ago. It's called the "Packer Mobile," and has a massive Packer flag and some eccentric decorations. Madson says it's all to celebrate Wisconsin and its cold climate. "My life is upside down and backwards. Everybody else is driving a convertible in the summertime when it's warm. I drive mine in the winter when it's cold." "Anybody can drive down there in a new Cadillac," Madson said. "We want to suffer a little bit, show we care."

The journey begins on Monday, January 31, 2011, when the PackerMobile will leave from SE Wisconsin and make the trip up to Green Bay to help send off the Packers at 11:45 AM from Lambeau Field.

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where is the packer mobile today

Yes, we are now home.

The trip was amazing!!!!!

. . . but, we would still love to see
any pictures that you may have of us:

PackerMobile Sightings: did you see us prior to, during, or after the super bowl? We'd love to see pictures!! Please post them on our Facebook Fan Page.

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Soooo.... the biggest question is....
If the Packers go to the super bowl again next year, SHOULD WE?

THANKS to all of our FANS and supporters!!!! GO - PACK - GO!!!!!!


PackerMobile Sightings: did you see us prior to, during, or after the super bowl? We'd love to see pictures!! Please post them on our Facebook Fan Page.


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#1 Packer Spirit Leader
at the Packer Pep Rally

Mark "The IceMan" Madson

Dieter "The SnowMan" Sturm

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