Tracy from TTown spots us.

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Hey so I passed you guys in Tulsa Oklahoma today on my lunch break on I-44. I was in a Big Maroon Jacked up Hummer H2 in 4 wheel drive fighting the worst road conditions I have seen in my 35 year life in Oklahoma.Then low and behold I saw you guys hanging in there right behind me in your sweet old Caddy cruising along like it was a Sunday drive. Now I am not a huge packers fan but wanted to say you guys are Bad A** and I wish you luck getting to the game. When I got back to work I was shownig this video of you guys to my staff when you drove by twice on Peoria right past my work. So thanks for proving to them I was not lying about the two crazy S.O.B.’s I just passed with the top down on their convertible Cadillac with the top down in the middle of winter on my Lunch. GO-PACK-GO
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