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Green Bay Packers fans Mark Madson, left, and Dieter Sturm drive their Packer Mobile outside Cowboys Stadium before the NFL football Super Bowl XLV against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011, in Arlington, Texas. The two Packers fans took the car on a road trip from Wisconsin's Lambeau Field to support the Packers. (AP Photo/LM Otero)Link

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Cold, Hard Football

Hey guys,

Thanks for the time yesterday at the Packers party. Here are our videos of the sweetest ride in Wisconsin.

HardCore Packer fans go Topless

Sweet sounds power the PackerMobile

Have fun!

Kerry J. Byrne

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Milwaukee Journal photo of PackerMobile, IceMan, and SnowMan.
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PackerMobile at the Dallas Stadium

We're at SuperBowl XLV with the PackerMobile!!!

Through rain and snow and dark of night – let the PackerMobile attend the Packer SuperBowl VICTORY!!!!

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Packer Mobile makes Tulsa stop

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* By: Russell Mills

TULSA – A highly modified Cadillac El Dorado turned some heads as it made its way through Tulsa Friday en route to the Big Game in Dallas.

Its occupants: Two die-hard Packer backers who said they took off from the parking lot of Lambeau field to make the road trip to the Super Bowl.

Their mission: To recruit new fans to the Green Bay side.

Mark “The IceMan” Madson and Dieter “The SnowMan” Sturm left shortly before noon Monday on their epic journey.

They’re making the trip of about 1,300 miles in Madson’s decked out 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.

On their website, , they write that Madson bought the car about six years ago.

“My life is upside down and backwards,” Madson writes on the site. “Everybody else is driving a convertible in the summertime when it’s warm. I drive mine in the winter when it’s cold.”

“Anybody can drive down there in a new Cadillac,” Madson writes. “We want to suffer a little bit, show we care.”

2NEWS caught up to the intrepid duo as they passed through the Brookside area en route to Dallas.

When asked how the weather had been, they said cold — but they didn’t see any snow until they got to Oklahoma.

They’ll certainly see plenty of the white stuff as they continue their trip through Oklahoma.

But then, a couple of Wisconsin boys shouldn’t have too much trouble dealing with the cold.

iCNN Friday evening UPDATE – ReDux…..

Dieter Sturm and Mark Madson are traveling from Lambeau Field to the Super Bowl on a well-documented journey. They say it’s been an icy trip and they haven’t been able to go very fast. You may notice that the video is cut off at the end; they have limited filming capabilities on the road and in this weather.

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